v. & n.
1 a deprive of life or vitality; put to death; cause the death of. b (absol.) cause or bring about death (must kill to survive).
2 destroy; put an end to (feelings etc.) (overwork killed my enthusiasm).
3 refl. (often foll. by pres. part.) colloq. a overexert oneself (don't kill yourself lifting them all at once). b laugh heartily.
4 colloq. overwhelm (a person) with amusement, delight, etc. (the things he says really kill me).
5 switch off (a spotlight, engine, etc.).
6 colloq. delete (a line, paragraph, etc.) from a computer file.
7 colloq. cause pain or discomfort to (my feet are killing me).
8 pass (time, or a specified amount of it) usu. while waiting for a specific event (had an hour to kill before the interview).
9 defeat (a bill in Parliament).
10 colloq. consume the entire contents of (a bottle of wine etc.).
11 a Tennis etc. hit (the ball) so skilfully that it cannot be returned. b stop (the ball) dead.
12 neutralize or render ineffective (taste, sound, colour, etc.) (thick carpet killed the sound of footsteps).
1 an act of killing (esp. an animal).
2 an animal or animals killed, esp. by a sportsman.
3 colloq. the destruction or disablement of an enemy aircraft, submarine, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
dressed to kill dressed showily, alluringly, or impressively. in at the kill present at or benefiting from the successful conclusion of an enterprise. kill off
1 get rid of or destroy completely (esp. a number of persons or things).
2 (of an author) bring about the death of (a fictional character). kill or cure (usu. attrib.) (of a remedy etc.) drastic, extreme. kill two birds with one stone achieve two aims at once. kill with kindness spoil (a person) with overindulgence.
Etymology: ME cuumllle, kille, perh. ult. rel. to QUELL

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